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Welcome to the official website of John Johnson. JJ is currently the Color Analyst for NWA Anarchy Television along side his long time broadcast partner and Host of Anarchy Televison,Greg Hunter. Feel free to look around, and learn more about John, and be sure to visit the link to his Myspace page over to the right. There will also be links to all the latest wrestling news, and other fun stuff so be sure to visit back often.


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Gone but not forgotten. Mysterious Benefactor June 28, 1960-July 21, 2003

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August 1, 2008 Thomaston, Georgia
NWA Anarchy 1st and 3rd Saturday Cornelia,Ga


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Mysterious Benefactor Tribute

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July, 2008
Hey guys! working on getting the website back up and running. Will be a while, but should have every thing back to full power soon, complete with some new rants, and maybe even toy with the idea of introducing something new, not wrestling related. Take care.

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